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Zahara is a very special girl since she was born with a malformation in which she did not have the upper limbs of the body, but her desire to move on and with the help of the people around her is able to perform many tasks with her feet such as write, paint, etc.

Social problems are added to the girl’s problems since Zahara’s family is very poor. Her parents do not have work, they only have a small plot as their own field and they cultivate for others to survive. Her house is very small, a room and a living room. It is very sad because the family is alone, marginalized and considered cursed because Zahara was born without arms.

Her mother was sent home or disowned when she had Zahara, and she returned to her husband’s house after a long time. The family is now quite happy, there are no problems with Zahara, although she is not accepted by all the neighbors.

The family does not receive any help from the government or other institutions.

JYAMUBANDI ZAHARA was 4 years old when a desperate request for help came to Ameafrica from the school where Zahara was studying.

When the case came, we were shocked and asked for more information about Zahara’s state of health and her needs. From school they told us that she needed an orthosis to help correct her posture and thus improve her quality of life.

With the help of many people, Zahara was arranged to have her brace. Although these devices need to be changed very often, it is not possible due to the high cost involved.

For this reason, we have decided to use this platform because Zahara needs a new orthosis since it must be according to his size. In addition to the orthosis, Zahara needs to follow a Kinesiotherapy treatment by professionals to improve her health.

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