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The “Exchange trip” project was born from observing the need for foreign language training of our volunteers.

Having a basic knowledge of a foreign language will facilitate communication and immersion in the other culture.

The hospitality of the African people makes us realize that we need each other.

Our objective is to promote links between different peoples and nations to improve our relations, having the same illusion.

The main reason for the trip is to practice the language of the place where one goes, and if in the future it can help them as a vehicle to carry out their humanitarian work much better.

The trips will be made in the places where we have contacts, or with people who know our organization and who share our philosophy.

So far we have contacts in: UK Germany, France and Italy.

These are the countries where young people and adults can spend a few weeks in programs that combine the practice of English, German, French and Italian, while getting to know the cultural particularities of each destination and people of different origins.

For more information download these files:

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