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MOTTO: Hospitality, listening and dialogue



  1. The AMEAFRICA Intercultural Center (CIA) serves as a meeting and information point to learn about the African reality, and especially the countries where AMEAFRICA travels and other collaborating organizations.
  2. The same center serves as language classes for volunteers (mainly English and French) for members and volunteers of ameafrica and other associations that have an agreement with ameafrica.
  3. In the Center, Spanish and Valencian are also given for foreigners who are studying in our province or working and are invited to collaborate with other associations with the same objectives.
  4. It is the meeting point for the Ameafrica board to organize their activities.
  5. It is the point of reference and the address for collecting materials.
  6. It is the documentation center, with African books, magazines and information documents that explain the experience of Africa and facilitate a better understanding of the African continent.
  7. It is a point of learning about the culture and customs of other countries where you intend to travel.
  8. It is a point to organize events, meetings, African festivals, dances to make known the different African cultures and their riches and to raise money for AMEAFRICA projects.
  9. Information point for all the people who participate in this work volunteers
  10. It is a point to share travel experiences with exhibitions and conferences. Etc.
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