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Ameafrica was established on March 8, 2008, under the protection of the Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, and complementary norms, with legal personality and full capacity to act, lacking profit motive.

This project was born from the concerns of nine young people from Almassora (Castellón) committed to working for the most needy of the African people.

Ameafrica’s aims are: aid and cooperation in education, culture and health for the most disadvantaged African people. To meet these ends, Ameafrica carries out different activities such as: raising and sending funds for the creation of teaching projects in the third world; the realization and dissemination of cultural projects in order to educate African children; organization of fundraising events in order to facilitate the creation of schools, hospitals, infirmaries, purchase of medicines, etc. that they will be sent to missions in African lands.

The objectives that we want to achieve are the following:

You can open the following link to get to know us much better: presentation of ameafrica to different entities

  1. Promote primary education in rural parts of Africa, including academic, health and hygiene education.
  1. Help build schools primary, secondary, small hospitals, drinking water, etc.; with our help and financial support.
  1. Help pay tuition in primary and secondary schools so that children can continue their education and do not have to leave school to work and support their family.
  1. Promote small projects in the field of education, so that families can be autonomous.
  1. Roast our vacations with those who need it, and not only visit the African nature, but be with its people and delve into the customs that its rich culture offers us.
  1. Each one of them contribute their grain of sand for the construction of a better future based on good education and primary health care. This is done through a fee or donations.
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